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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  March 11, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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the strongest to hit japan in 100 years. >> tsunami warnings were issued. and massive wall of water swept away everything. it cracked buildings, it sparked dozens of fires including refineries. hundreds of bodies were found in the epicenter. a number of aftershocks were felt in tokyo more than 200 miles away. this is a potentially catastrophic disaster. we have more on the u.s. response. >> president obama says that his thoughts and prayers are with the people and they are ready to help with whatever they need. the night sky over japan with fires still burning. >> of the magnitude -- the 8.9 magnitude quake rattled everything from offices to the japanese legislature.
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more than 50 aftershocks followed. there was a trail of devastation on the ground. >> this is unlike anything we have experienced here before. >> a massive tsunami unleashed a wave of water in coastal areas near the epicenter northeast of tokyo. it destroyed everything in its path. >> i am heartbroken by this tragedy. >> president obama pledged u.s. assistance in japan. >> today's events remind us how fragile life can be. our hearts go out to our friends in japan and across the region and we will stand with them as they recover and rebuild. >> the military are the has a ship in japan and more headed to the region. robert gates says that u.s. forces are prepared to help. >> this is a huge disaster and we will do anything we are asked to do to help. >> the state department says
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that so far, no americans have been killed. they issued an alert warning people not to travel there for now. >> tsunami waves arrived at the u.s. coast hours later. residents and tourists in hawaii lined up for gas and evacuated to higher ground but damage was not reported to be major in that state. in california, beaches were closed, highways clogged. the current tossed boats and ships. the san francisco bay should be higher than normal but not a major threat. people from japan who are now living in maryland spent much of the day trying to get in touch with loved ones back home. parents and children taken lunchtime break, their thoughts centered on family members in japan. some are still having problems communicating.
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>> we don't know how many people are suffering. >> they are grateful for the outpouring of help. the earthquake in japan was as strong as some of the worst ones in history. you can take a look at the top 10 largest earthquakes and checkout of the interactive guide to what causes earthquakes and tsunamis. this is all on tonight on "nbc nightly news," making a difference for the victims in japan. the latest on this tragic story right here at 6:30. "state officials have scaled back operations after the flood warnings. 15 gates are opened and that could go to 25-30 case tomorrow.
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people that live in the area could be faced with evacuation. -- 14 gates are open and that could go to 25-30 tomorrow. >> town officials say they are hoping for the best book preparing for the worst. they have been passing out fliers to help people get ready for the water that had started to rise. the town of port smith is prone to flooding out. according to a town administrator, those gates are open because of pressure on the dam from a nearby lake and the susquehanna river. 14 gates are open and the water is rising. they worry that the flooding could get worse. >> between 2:00 and 3:00, we will have 20-21 which concerns us. we will see more water coming into the low-lying areas, some backyards, basements.
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>> our coverage continues. tom is in the weather center with more. >> the good news is no more rain on the way. the problem is all of the rain from yesterday takes a while to drain down the rivers and streams. there are warnings up for hartford, frederick county. all of these are running above the flood stage and will continue to do so. there are a few additional showers but they will not add to the problems. it is really getting the water from yesterday. 23.3 was the flood stage. it is forecast to crest tomorrow evening. the worst of the rain has pulled out and a drying trend is expected as we head to the weekend. more details coming up in a little bit. >> the effort to legally
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recognize same-sex marriage in maryland failed today on the house floor. after weeks of intense lobbying and debate, the votes for passage simply were not there. they sent the legislation back to committee. our reporter is live with late breaking developments. >> by moving the bill back word, it essentially kills the chances that it will come up again this year. >> we sent you to annapolis to protect our rights. >> division on the streets carried into the capitol building. the debate revealed a house divided. and upon a delicate says that his life was threatened. supporters used foul language and racial slurs to try to intimidate him. he took exception to the civil- rights movement. >> show me in pearl ham alabama, where high-pressure water hoses were turned on us. when we as a state or
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government denied equal protection under the law, the 14th amendment, this is a civil rights issue. >> when i listen to god's voice coming to me, what i heard was, you are made in my image. >> i have heard that somehow i am less than natural. that i am less than human. >> the votes for passage were not there. >> at this time, i will move to have this bill recommitted to the house judiciary committee. >> the house speaker says that new members are unfamiliar with the legislative process. many freshmen expressed disappointment over a lack of public hearings. they could not change the bill. >> i fully expect the bill to be
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in the house of delegates next year. >> the measure took a roller- coaster ride on the house floor. the house committee's share declined to accept amendments. >> is any debate? >> there was more unsuccessful the base to amend it. >> this eliminates the specific examples were a church is protected. >> the law wachs, this does not run. you need to take a step at a time. >> that the ticket a delegate is suggesting that the state try civil union's first. advocates oppose this as an option and they have said this is not go far enough. they plan to lobby for passage of full equality rights next year. >> maryland state police say they have completed their designation into an abandoned car that led to the suspension of the board of homicide division. the body of -- was found in a
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ditch ascending night. he was on his way home from work when his car slid off the roadway. police say they found no reason to charge him with a traffic violation. >there is more news ahead. "some teaching positions might be done away with in baltimore county but how will that affect class sizes? the story is just ahead. >> the owners and players cannot reach a deal. what this means for the labor fight. the last part of the rain makers producing some showers and moving through central maryland as we speak. it is getting more chilly, 45 at the
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>> some baltimore county schoolteacher says that a plan to cut positions could cut student achievement. they might be getting ready as many as 200 teaching positions. we go live to the news room. >> this is a sign of the times, where school systems are forced to make some critical choices. baltimore county school officials say they will have to tighten their belts in order to balance the budget. that means eliminating hundreds of teaching positions, not jobs. the teachers' union says that they have gotten word that some high schools will have to cut as many as two dozen positions. >> we have schools that are losing double digits. we know class sizes will go. one of the things we have to talk about as student achievement. >> they believe it is is too
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early to come up with vern numbers without knowing how many teachers will -- firm numbers without knowing how many teachers will resign. >> we anticipate that it will happen in august when the students arrive for the 2011- 2012 school year. >> some teachers say this summer might be too late for them and forced it is that might be affected by the changes. >> we are trying to develop these personal relationships and get by. when you have a larger class sizes, it really takes away from the teachers' ability to focus in on that student and they need some extra help or focusing on that student who was having a bad day. >> is superintended police that teachers might be overreacting. >> -- the superintendent says that teachers are overreacting. >> every teacher has a job with benefits. i apologize to those who are out of work.
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>> and new teachers looking for work in baltimore county must wait. the school system has already canceled their yearly jobs fair. right now, the school system budget is in the house of the county executive. >> the chesapeake high school got a big this from a high-tech global security company which came in the form of a $30,000 check from lockheed martin. this was written for students to take part in the robot is clubs. they will spend some of the money for competition. they have one of the district's top schools for science technology, engineering, and mathematics. >> now, your insta-weather forecast. >> the heavy rains that we had around here yesterday are still occurring across parts of cape cod. that is long gone from our
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region but still trailing behind it, you can see a patch of rain and snow showers coming in from the north and west. this will produce perhaps a little bit of rain showers and even a flurry or two. this is a pretty decent snow in northeastern pennsylvania. when you look at the temperatures, there could be somewhat snow extend. you have seen readings in the 30's and even below freezing. that cold air coming and. so far, officially, just a trace of precipitation. we will see above normal temperatures to be there tomorrow. it takes a while. two-4 inches of rain to drain down through the rivers, streams, creeks. we have this along the potomac through, through washington,
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frederick. all the way down to d.c., there are flood levels in those locations. this is likely to flood is not flooding already. the last report, the weather service is at 23.3. it is unlikely that they will go to the flood stage. this will cause some problems towards the susquehanna. you can see that this will clear as we go towards morning. this will not stick around very long. temperatures should drop into the 30's with the wind at 5-10. this is centered north of lake ontario. that is pushing all of the moisture through maine. high pressure will build in from the gulf coast pushing north
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with some sun but to this clipper will be passing north of here. we are in between the clouds and son. with a southwest breeze, it should be relatively mild. sunday, a partly cloudy sky. monday, a storm to the south. that will bring increasing clouds. 55-60 saturday, variable clouds. the southwest winds at 5-10. daylight savings time comes back. we spring forward one hour. officially, it starts at 2:00 a.m. sunday. daylight savings time comes back and we lose an hour of sleep. there could be some snow showers in the morning and then skies will try to clear up. around the bay, a breezy day and a mild one. more cloud across the northern
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part of the bay. partly cloudy on the lower eastern shore. 60 degrees around princess anne, 59 in baltimore. daylight savings time coming in on sunday morning. the sun will be setting after 7:00 in the evening. the sunset occur an hour later. partly cloudy and 50 on monday. scattered rain or snow showers on tuesday. 58 on thursday and near 70 by next friday. >> to certify and not unify. the labor fight now goes to court. the players' union did not accept the proposal for the agreement. both sides have slammed the
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other. a lawyer called the general counsel a liar. they are now to file lawsuits against the nfl and demanding their salary structure remain the same. they will likely attempt to lock out the players at midnight. it is anyone's guess to how this will play out. we could miss a whole season. the ability to end this quickly and peacefully disappeared today >> of the parties have not achieved an overall agreement. they have been unable to resolve strongly held competing views that separates them on core issues. >> march madness. -- hopes to prove the old adage is true, hard to beat 18th three times in one season.
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maryland enters the game on a high. they knocked out north carolina state to reach the quarterfinals. now they will face the blue devils have beaten them twice this season. earlier today, miami seeking the same effort against north carolina. that was easy. miami up 14-8. the kings build a 17 point lead. away the lead goes. kendall marshall, a knocks out three. now the last second, marshall, up top, a special threshold. the north carolina survived a scare, 61-59. tons of moves in the off-season that some might be more optimistic than at any point in
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this century. we have seen what they look like regardless of the lineup. the second baseman has not played since monday and beat remains shut down and set to visit a back specialist. we need to get better in a hurry for the orioles to have a great season. they did have a game against the police and that did not go particularly well. please stay with us, we will check the forecast right after this.
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>> a man shot and killed during a road rage incident. now his family is facing another devastation. find out why the charges were dropped in that case. the latest on floods that will hit parts of the latest on floods that will hit parts of
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>> the rain is gone but some of the aftereffects will still be felt. >> it will take awhile. flood warnings are still up on the river and parts of cecil county. many of the strange, creeks, and the potomac river. there is not much coming. mild temperatures. enjoy the weekend. >> daylight savings on sunday. "nbc nabbing is," coming up next. -- "nbc nightly news," is coming up next. up next.
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